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I'm gonna be sewing my Seifer coat to be able to wear around. Like, keep me warm. Mm... corderoy lined... nice heavy material... beyond cosplay ^_^;

But yeah. My mom like, just worries about me traveling around all the sudden. She doesn't mind the cosplay, in fact, she's proud that I'm doing such creative stuff. My dad... he doesn't comment. But I guess he doesn't mind.
Stopping you from the next con? After AXNY, I was like, slacking around a bit, doing photo stuff, and my mom was pissed like "You're not going to any more cons." "So, you're saying I can't go out and hang with my friends?" "...oh nevermind"
I think she's glad I'm making friends, I've always been the loner/outcast in school. This is my niche ^_^;

Animation being for kids... sheesh, my dad still watches cartoons sometimes. But anime... He just calls it 'japanese crap'. *shrug* So he doesn't like the drawing style. Oh well. I'm not gonna argue that.
I dunno... I guess I got it easy... alot of understanding people...
I just wish my mom didn't worry about me so much, I mean, what will she think when I start going all the way up to AnimeBoston and down to Animazement? ^_^;
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