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FAQ: Yaoi-Con's Bishounen Auction

Courtesy of one of our members here at, here is the official 'Staff Response' as to the nature of the Yaoi-Con Auction:

"Yaoi-con's bishounen auction is the main fundraising event for the convention itself. The basics of how it's run start with the boys applying for the position, and from those applicants who meet our criteria, we pick the best of the bunch to participate. Once they're on stage, the boys get a few minutes to "sell themselves" to the audience with anything from skits to songs to dances that they prepared. Every year the boys are getting more creative. There's no nudity allowed in their performances, however, the boys are allowed to set their own limit anywhere from fully clothed to nothing but underwear.

Once the bishounen has been won, he's "On Duty" until the end of the dance that follows the auction. Please remember that a bishounen being "On Duty" does not mean the purchaser has free-license to do whatever they want. If anything is said or done that makes the bishounen uncomfortable, he's is free to leave immediately. We try very much to discourage inappropriate behavior because the boys volunteer to help us out, and if they have a bad experience they may not come back.

The money Yaoi-con gets from the auction is all cycled directly back into the convention so we can continue to keep putting on a fabulous show year after year. The more we grow, the more space we need. And the more success we have with the auction, the more we can afford to make sure we get everybody in there to enjoy the show.

If you have any questions, please direct them to Yaoi-con staff, and for more general information, please watch the Yaoi-con home page."
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