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> "Gook shit"?? Some of us take major offence in that. It's not even funny. Your family got to get with the times and be a little less insensitive.

Or maybe we shouldn't take silly comments too seriously. LOL
I think it's funny, personally, because, yes, anime is a sort of drug (mooooooooooore aniiiiiiiiiiiime...) so calling it "Good shit" (like I always heard people calling drugs in movies) fits imo.

My grandfather calls anime "Japoniaiseries" a mixture of "Japonaiserie" (slang for a Japanese thing), and naiseries (stupidities). He thinks its funny and I think it's a creative wordplay. I don't feel threatened or offended by this at all.

And then the word "sensitive" makes me cringe. It sounds so politically correct, which instantly get all my alarms going.
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