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> Any one who still uses the work Gook makes me boiling mad.

LOL I'm not Asian but I am not a native English-speaker either and I thought that "gook" was a typo for "good". LOL I have now learnt a new word!

(I still maintain that "good shit" would have been funny!)

> I am surprised at how someone can be an Anime fan and still be so insensitive towards this.

Well, mostly because I did not know the term. ^___^

> Maybe you can help change the attitude of your mal-adjusted family members.

LOL I would not dream of it! I love them the way they are!
He'll make fun of anime in one breath and himself in the next. There is such a thing as making fun of stereotypes, you know. And he has the right to think anime is stupid. I think US football is stupid and will poke fun at the Superbowl mercilessly.

Most people like to joke that no one makes movies as badly as the French. I don't get offended. ^___^ I mean, if the pun is made in good humour and not meant to be nasty, I see no problem with it.

Seriously if I got offended at every bad-French-movie, Maginot-line, smelly-unwashed-French and hairy-armit joke I heard I'd spend my life in a bad mood!
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