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yea for thou art kickass.
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Cocoa-san, I'll be at AWA this year. And that's probably it. I'm pretty much destitute right now. -_-;
I know, it's kinda unfair... you SeiSeis get your pick of the bunch when it comes to Subarus. Too Many Subarus + Fewer Seishirous = not enough molestation to go around... *pouts* Hence the Mulder action figure cosplay. XP
And unfortunately I'm fairly mired in the GA-FL-AL tri-state area when it comes to cons.. well, that and I really can't afford to go anywhere else besides AWA right now. ^^;;
Hmm, maybe I should switch over to Seishirou crossplaying just so I can take advantage of the multiple AWA-bound Subarus... quel noa..
Cats offer the same emotional rewards as adopting a toaster, except toasters occasionally do what you ask them to do.
- Lowtax
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