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*sigh* Koomi, you aren't the only one with crappy parents. I was walking around with my new pair of wings, and my dad saw them...AND HE STARTED TO YELL AT ME! Lol, I thought it was hilarious, so I started to laugh and he got even madder. He told me that I'm crazy and gay to be wearing wings. Yes, he said that. Lol, I couldn't stop laughing. This is my philosophy, if parents are stupid enough to yell at you about wearing wings, then they are prolly to stupid to know anything about cosplaying and whatnot. Just explain to them, the pros about cosplaying. Say that you can meet a lot of new cool people through it. My parents won't let me travel for a con, so I have to deal with that. As long as you talk to them, everything should turn out fine. In my case, laughing was better.
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