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I should be drawing Yaoi.
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For the time being I am open to commissions.

I can style wigs. I have worked on pigtailed, high ponytailed wigs and curly wigs. You can view my commission gallery for images.

I also take commissions on costumes and embroidery. Please send links to reference when asking for price quotes.

I can also make many prop weapons. I have to have a limitation of things over 4 ft long unless I can build it to break apart as the post office does enjoy slapping huge price tags to their shipping for anything larger. I have worked with wood, paperclay, foamie and fiberglass for my personal props. I do have resin casting knowledge but not much call to use it.

Please PM me for any quotes and or requests.
Commissions are limited at this time, however I am open for possible requests.
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