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grrrrr.....parents anger merlin parents think im an idiot for watching anime...course my dad cant say much cause he plays video games at work lol(i always just walk into his office and hes sittin there playin age of empires on his free time) so i use that against mom just keeps mummbling "mindless" whenever she walks by and im watching it......if it werent for the nudity id tell her to sit and watch Ghost In Shell and ask her how mindless that was(i personally felt Ghost was really really deep) but she would just see the nudity and ban me from anime all together right like anime does anything worse to my mind than her spanish soap opera's do to hers quite frankly parents arent ment to understand...they never have, they never will, to bad its their loss....hell i'll still be watchin anime when my kids are 15 and im 30 lol
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