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> quite frankly parents arent ment to understand...they never have, they never will, to bad its their loss....

Not all parents are the same...

My mom watched all of Fushigi Yuugi with me, she was obsessed with "Tomahome" (never was able to remember his name correctly). She stopped watching Sailor Moon after Nephrite died because she was so mad, loved Record of Lodoss War, and was scared out of her wits watching Ninja Scroll...

Never could get her into anything with robots though...

I used to have anime nights with her and some of her friends when I was in University. Really. ^___^

My aunt and uncle also watch anime, and they loved Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. My next plan: Perfect Blue and Escaflowne.

I go to their house on Thursday for movie night. One week I bring one movie or anime, the next week they choose a movie. I don't always like what they pick -Titanic, yuck- but we at least sample things we would not otherwise. Offering an exchange generally helps to get others more willing to listen to you.

Tell her you'll watch Spanish soap operas with her if she'll watch something with you. Show it dubbed, and choose something she would like. Seriously, if she's into soaps, Ghost in the Shell isn't for her. Get her Escaflowne movie or some other shoujo anime instead.
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