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Originally Posted by Valgaav_Xellos
I'll be starting the leg wrap tomorrow and the boots on Monday at the latest. ^_^ As for binding, I'm probably going to go the sports bra x duct tape method O_O;

DUCT TAPE! Good luck XD

When you cut the fabric for your leg wrap, since you're just doing a single layer and you aren't doubling it up or whatever (to my knowledge.. actually this would apply even if you are doubling it up), make sure you fix the edges so they won't fray. If the fabric is mostly synthetic, you can just take a lighter to the edges and that'll seal them up, but if it's mostly fabric, then you'll want to hem the edges. That's where a sewing machine comes in handy. After making cosplay for the past two days STRAIGHT (and I do mean straight), I've learned a thing or two. And spilled about a pint of blood XDDD
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