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*Sigh* Spanish soap operas are outta control. My mom is crazy, she distinguishes anime as "Sailor Moon", which was my first obsession. I have to correct her. But she's starting to get bitchy. She doesn't want me to dress up as FFX Shiva, because "its too revealing" ... newsflash...was Jenova revealing?! I think not!

And another thing, she doesn't want me to cosplay Lime from SMJ because of the thong thing outside of Lime's shorts. I feel a headache coming along because of her. Yet, she'll let me run around in my Nadia costume. God, parents make no sense. My dad though, he knows nothing about my cosplaying. He had trouble with me wearing wings, I'm sure he'll have trouble with me dressing up as anime characters. Jeez. Someone needs to seriously give them an open-mind.
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