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Talking Weapons, anyone?

I take mostly weapon and accessory commisions.
I've already made these for friends:

--InuYasha/ Tetsusaiga, Sango's Hiraikotsu, Miroku's staff, Sango's and Ayame's katanas, Tokijin, IY's Prayer Beads, Sandals, Kikyou's bow

--FF7/ Cloud's Buster Sword, shoulder piece, and gloves

All weapons are made from pine or balsa (or as per Con regulations) IY's beads were made from wooden beads and sculpy. Miroku's staff was metal rings and scuply on a shaped pole.

I have pics of my personal weapons on a photobucket site at:

I accept any commissions, no matter how large but you will pay huge shipping if it's taller than 6ft. Or not in the U.S. And as a guarantee of commissions being taken, I will most likely need a down payment for materials if I don't already have the stuff to make what you request.

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