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>He told me that I'm crazy and gay to be wearing wings.

*looks at her wings, then at her boyfriend* This will be such a shock to him! ^_^

My parents always ask how much money I'm spending on cons. The travel thing worries them too. "You're going to NYC?!?" "Yes mom. In the daytime with 5 other people. Just like the 10 other times I went last year and didn't get mugged / raped / killed."

They've never actually watched any anime with me. Everything is "Sailor Moon", or some horrible mangling of "Mononoke". They never say it's kid stuff though, I think they understand the animation for adults thing. Lol, I should go ask my mom if she read the article in her Disney magazine about "Spirited Away".

My dad's a trekkie, so I explain cosplaying & cons like that. He's ok with it. My brother gives me shit, so I turn around and tease him about his love of professional wrestling.

I visited a friend from school on my way home once, and while I was there, I helped her hem a very pretty elaborate medieval gown. Then I saw pictures of the Amidala & Mulan costumes she made for her Vietnamese daughter, they were better than what I see at I-Con! She helps my friend make all of his too, they're so amazing. Why can't my family be like that?
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