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Originally Posted by bamboocactus
That'd be cool ^^ We should have a Xenogears cosplay group for photoshoots :3 (Just keep in mind I haven't beaten the game yet, so no spoilers! ^_^ )

Edit: Totally, since you hit up all the same cons we do! Though I'm probably gonna trade AMA for Animazement :3
Oh don't worry, no spoilers! I'd hate to ruin that game for anybody. But that would be fun, especially since you'll both be at the same cons as me. Maybe I can get her done by AUSA, but if not, Katsucon isn't too far off from AUSA.

Just outta curiosity, where is Animazement? I went to AMA '06 and it was kinda blah, so I'd like to check that one out ^_^

Jessia: I'd want to see the Elements too! I don't think I'd be able to make one XD

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