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1 More Female Youmacon Roomie needed!


I have 5 people in my hotel room now, and we're still looking to take 1 more person. The cost for the room from Friday-Sunday(we checkout at noon Sunday) is below in bold

6 People: $33.50

If you plan to room wish us please bring you're own pillow(s) and Sleeping bag! If you plan to bring any cans of pop or bottled water please bring it! I will provide a cooler for everyone to store drinks in and keep them cold.

I will also be bakeing homemade pretzels(soft ones) so if you want any of them I don't mind I normally bake about 50-60 and that last three days, and they make good snacks for on the run.

If you wish to room with us I need the hotel funds by 9-27-06 NO LATER! I plan to arrive on Friday as soon as I can get their so if you have a cell phone please give me it so we can keep in contact!

If you need to ask me any questions please contact me by e-mail:

Or private message me on here to get my cell phone number to further discuss details.

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