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Oblivion Keyblade for sale, fully 3-D

I'm putting this up on ebay tomorrow afternoon, but thought I would drop a line here first. This is a fully 3-D keyblade, foam construction with a plastic coat for support and strength. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. I'm putting it up for a low starting bid, I'll have a reserve of course, and I'm setting the buyout around $350-400. I'll take resonable offers on it around that price, because I'm a reasonable person and always ask for too much money on ebay. The person that commisioned it decided they did not want it after leaving me hanging for about a month of no communication, so I really just want to get it sold, since I'm out of pocket having bought it. I'm not married to that price, so pm or email me if you have an offer, or any questions. Pictures!


Heres the ebay link:

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