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MikomiCon 06 Oct 13-15

I had just realized that our convention doesn't have a proper thread created for it. We have been just adding to some other threads that were not our official thread. so here is the official MikomiCon thread on

MikomiCon is the newest Anime, SciFi, Comic, and Gaming convention in the USA. The convention runs from October 13-15 at California State University, Northridge in California. There will be a Masq, AGMV contest, as well as live performances. Check out our website here.

Here are a couple of point for our convention relating to cosplayers and attenddees.

1) Robert from Consplayers will have a studio setup to take pictures of cosplayers. The room next to his studio will have changing rooms and a repair station (so you cosplayers don't have to wear your costumes while you drive). I am also going to pitch a bag check-in, so you guys don't have to haul around your street clothes while you cosplay. This is not definite but I am going to check out any liability problems, probably just need to have a waiver signed.

2) A convention schedule has been posted. This includes many panels we are doing as well as times for animes and times for our events like Masquerade. Click here for the main convention schedule so far.

3) We have a bunch of guest which include Kyle Herbert, Phillip Wilburn, Johnny Yong Bosch, Zarah Little, Spike Spencer, Michelle Ruff, Stephanie Sheh, Jack O'Halloran, Cliff Simon, and Dr. Aki Hirota. We are still working on a few more so check back to our website.

4) Our weapons policy is posted in our "Rules and Policy" found here. We are in talk with the campus police make them aware of the convention that will be going on. This is so the police know that when a cosplayer is running around with a giant Inu Yasha sword or another cosplayer strapped with Resident Evil arsenal that will makes Leon drool, the police should just ignore it.

5) Our exhibitors hall information has been posted here. This includes many of our vendors and vender descriptions. There are a couple dealers that deal in cosplay merchandise so keep your eyes open.

6) The masq rules and sign ups have been open for some time now. We have announced that our performance judges are Pikmin Link from Northern California, Ale-Chan from Mexico, and Chichiri no Aijin from Sothern California. Check out the rules, the sign ups and the bios here.

7) The Official Gatherings pages has been created. The gatherings are created by the cosplayers. The cosplayers will then notify the Masquerade Coordinator who will post it on the MikomiCon Website. This allows us to download the database and include it in our programming guide so that everyone will have a copy of the gatherings and will know where they are. You can contact the Masquerade Coordinator here.

8) We have little banners for you guys to insert into your signatures. We provide the HTML code and you can find it here. Help us spread the word of the newest convention.

9) Online Registration has also been open for a period of time. You can lock in your pre-reg rate now and only pay $30 for the full convention. If you have any questions, contact registration here.

10) Contact information has been updated including information for those of you who want to volunteer. You can get in touch with anyone of our staff on this page.

Thanks for all your help.

Please post and tell us if you are coming or if you have question. We would love to here for the cosplayers that make conventions great.

Wesley Hartman
MikomiCon Staff
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