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Nekowai Angels: Cosplay with Heaven's Touch

Nekowai Angels is a four-person cosplay commissioning site dedicated to bringing you the best in all facets of cosplay: costumes, wigs, props, shoes, accessories, and anything else you may need!

We offer commissions on costumes, wigs, props, footwear, jewelry, and simple prosthetics. We also offer custom cosplay patterns, a fabric dyeing service, a wig-dyeing service, embroidery commissions, and photoshoots for those in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

Our website features our portfolio, a forum for help-seeking cosplayers, a mailing list of website updates, and a newsletter featuring monthly events in the cosplay community.

We do rush orders as well. We've all been commissioning seperately, but have banded together in an effort to be a sort of hub for commissions. We're also looking for affiliates! We keep the communication lines between us and our customers open so that there's little room for error.

We're really looking forward to helping other cosplayers!
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