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Want a Japanese Pen Pal?

If you guys want to talk to Japanese people so much, get a PenPal... Here's a few sites:

JPA Pen Pal <--Snail Mail only
Japanese Transcontinental Network (JTN)
Japanese Friend Finder
Students of the World
Pen Friend Ship
PenPal Club
PenPal World
Pen Pal Party
Pen Pal International
PenPal Garden
InterPals Pen Pals
Pen Pal Post
Student Letter Exchange
PenPal Pinboard
A Girl‘s World
Kids Media Club
Pen Pal Exchange
PenPal Welcome

I showed that other thread to a few friends I have in Japan. They were all slightly offended. Here's a quote directly from one of them:
"What do they think we are? Dolls to be collected?!"

I honestly don't care who gets angry at me for posting this... but I felt it needed to be posted.
Next con is pending....


(Wow what a bad SN. I made it up several years ago and thought it sounded cool. |D Oops.)

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