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Originally Posted by DeathOfSoul
I showed that other thread to a few friends I have in Japan. They were all slightly offended. Here's a quote directly from one of them:
"What do they think we are? Dolls to be collected?!"
That's always been on the biggest things that's bothered me about connecting with people from Japan. Especially those who are aware that you're an otaku/cosplayer/whatever.

I added quite a few Japanese people to my friends list on myspace (my profile and layout makes it blatantly obvious who and what I am), and I expected an overwhelming "negative" so to speak, but I was surprised that a handful actually accepted my add invitation and were more than amicable about the whole thing. They've all been friendly and chatty. I suppose it all depends on the individual.

In the end, I think you've just got to go for it. If people get offended, then I can understand where they're coming from. It must be so annoying to be latched onto by fanboys and fangirls all the time, but they've got to understand there are people out there (like the people on here) who are genuine in their interests and really do want to make connections.

If that made sense to anyone, please let me know....because it confused the hell outta me.

As an afterthought, most of the people who have taken offense at my love of Japan and anime etc. have been westerners. I've been harassed something rotten in other forums/places I've been.
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