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Originally Posted by aoisakura
Lol I just laughed reading first post god some jps need to calm down and stop whining... I'm japanese and don't really get offended by it I mean theres TONS of jp girls who are mad for american/western etc guys and stuff out there so they really can't talk. My friend from kindergarden is totally like that (I was brought up in Japan but now I live in UK) She came down to UK from japan so she can meet more westerners ^^;

They should be glad people specially want to talk to us 0_o Wouldn't it be more sad if noone cared about our country and wastn't interested? ^^;
Well I never said all Japanese get offended, but quite a few do. That's why I made this thread so people can meet others on Pen Pal sites to meet Japanese people that want to talk.
Next con is pending....


(Wow what a bad SN. I made it up several years ago and thought it sounded cool. |D Oops.)
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