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Originally Posted by aoisakura
Tbh if they get offended they should keep away from these sort of sites where people are intrested in japan and such as your bound to find fanpeoples 0_o;
True. They didn't come here though, I linked it to them.

Either way, I just think getting a Pen Pal is better than getting 10 random people IMing you...

Plus, if you want to talk to a Japanese person, in Japan, about Japan, then 1-3 Pen Pals would be perfect. (Then you also know for sure that you're getting someone from Japan and not some random person from the blue saying "I'm Japanese. Let's Chat". (Believe it or not, it's happened to me <.<).
Next con is pending....


(Wow what a bad SN. I made it up several years ago and thought it sounded cool. |D Oops.)

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