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Custom T-shirt Commissions

We take custom printed t-shirt commissions. All our t-shirts are printed via Silk Screening and are MADE to last through several washes and wear and we can print on a variety of substrates from t-shirts, to bags, to aprons and more! We have a wide selection of t-shirts that we can print on as well and are widely popular for several cosplay uses as well.

to check our store out:

Naruto Cosplay Commissions

very popular anime show and I know there are alot of people still doing Naruto cosplaying and I mostly specialize in Uchiha and Hyuuga Neji shirt commissions. All my Uchiha shirts are fully lined and customers gets a choice between batting or interfacing for the collars.

I also sell pre-cut Uchiha emblems that can be mounted on with Iron-on adhesives or sewing it on yourself/glueing it on. I offer them in different price listings but each Uchiha emblem is printed on a substrate that is precut before being sent off. Quality is garaunteed.

Aside from the above mentioned, I can also recreate plenty of other Naruto costumes as well as other costumes from other animes.

Wig Commissions

I also take wig commissions and have worked with custom dying and several wig stylings. I dont charge alot for wig commissions but do mostly charge for the wig itself as well as shipping. So I try to give the customer as cheap of a deal as I can do.

To view the wigs I've worked on, please visit my gallery or my website:

(I have worked on all my group's Peacemaker Kurogane wigs)

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