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All my Cosworx wigs of my own have been modified... Enjoy this more for styling notes.

Alicia XL in Fire Red
Costume: "Alice in Wonderland" Lina Inverse (Slayers)
The bangs were trimmed slightly, and I cut pieces surrounding the bangs to be part of the bangs both to thicken them and to keep hair from falling into my face. Otherwise unmodified.

Angela 750 in Henna Red
Costume: Lavi/Rabi (D.Gray-man)
Very heavily styled! Wig was straightened with a low heat ceramic flatiron, trimmed, and styled with a hairdryer and significant amounts of hairspray.

Angela 750 in Yellow
Costume: Sanji (One Piece)
Slightly straightened and then cut. Not a very good job, and not a wig I'd recommend for this costume again. It's almost too thick for this style, and it doesn't unwave enough.

[b]Angela 750 in Honey Golden Blonde (25BC)
Costume: Judeau (Berserk)
The wig was fully straightened, layers cut into the front, and the back pulled into the low ponytail. This color is completely unmodified and is perhaps the most awesome blonde I've ever seen in a wig! I wish more wigs came in this color, it's fabulous. This is also a good example of how long a straightened and not cut Angela is.

Ashley 850 in Butterscotch Blonde (24B)
Costume: Giorno Giovanna (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
A significant portion of the front was parted off into three sections which were turned into the curls, which are held together with heat styling and ridiculous amounts of hair product. The back was cut into the mullet type thing and the longer pieces at the bottom were braided, with the end trimmed and pulled into the loop. There are also significant amounts of metallic gold hairspray on this thing, particularly in the front. It doesn't change that much about the color, but it's definitely worth noting. I was originally going to use the Linda for this one, but it had almost too much hair. So yeah. Ashley 850 is very much like a Linda without the layers and a little less thick.

Bob in Auburn (30)
Costume: Sochie Heim (Turn-A Gundam)
The bangs were trimmed shorter, the front pieces were cut in, and the back was trimmed to a short haircut.

Bob in Medium Brown (8)
Costume: Sakuma Ryuichi (Gravitation)
The bangs were heatstyled into the "split" in the front, the wig was trimmed, and the entire thing was colored by hand with lime green sharpie.

[b]Bob in Medium Brown (8)
Costume: Prince Arren (Gedo Senki)
Wig has been cut down.

Bob in Off-Black (1B)
Costumes:]Child Howl and Black Haired Howl (Howl's Moving Castle)
This is the least modified Bob that I own. The entire wig was straightened, additional bangs were cut at the sides (another case of New Look wigs with bangs tending to fall into my face), and that's it. I do occasionally use hairspray or styling products to slightly "arrange" the wig to match whichever Howl I'm using it for.

Linda in Auburn (30)
[url=]Costume: Peppo (Gankutsuou)
I cut bangs into it and stuck the hat on it. Not my best styling job but eh, whatever. I also used it as an emergency wig when I cosplayed as Sophie. In those pictures, I've just braided the thing. You can see just how long and thick Lindas are!

Linda XL in H24B/613
Costume: Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)
The entire wig was first streaked with a combination of marigold and yellow sharpie. I then turned the layers into the front into Ed's bangs (which were heatstyled to flip, and the antenna hairsprayed in), and braided and trimmed the back. This was one of the first Cosworx wigs I used and at this point I didn't realize just how long the regular Linda and Linda XL were in comparison to each other. If I redid this, I'd use a regular Linda.

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