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All our PMK wigs came from Cosworx, some of them were heavily styled while others were simply pulled back to pony tails XD
Tetsu Wig (person at front)
Wig used: Punky
Color: H.Red

Shinpachi Wig (person next to purple wig wearing okita XD)
Wig used: Punky S
Color: 130A - Dark Red Auburn (I think. dont exactly remember)
it was just cut shorter and I darkened it and gave it a little more 'red' highlights by simply running a red sharpy across the wig.

Okita Wig (purple haired one)
Wig used: Celena
Color: purple
I need to get some back shots of the wig ><
Akesato PMK wig
Wig Used: Alicia XL
Color: Medium Brown (i dont exactly remember either >D) (guy in the very back)
Sanosuke (PMK)
Wig Used: Punky XL
Color: dark brown
Kakashi wig
Wig Used: Punky S
Color: platinum Blonde - wig didnt come in white so it was the lightest color we could get, I had to custom dye it silver with sharpies
Sasuke wig
wig used: Punky S
Color: black
Alot of styling went into the wig to get the right 'Sasuke' hair effect also trying to imitate Pikminlink's Sasuke wig as desired by the customer who asked for the wig to be commissioned.

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