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Originally Posted by Draconargentum
Hola, todos ustedes! So great to know I'm not all alone in PAF-ing!

I'll only be there on the 3rd, but if you see a Yamanaka Ino running around after a tall Sasuke or fighting with a blonde-with-pink-highlights Sakura, or just standing off in the corner or practicing karate or something...glomp at will!

((It appears that we'll have almost the whole Naruto cast at this rate! Woohoo!))
hmmmmmmmmmm, this maybe true. I seem to be the only guy in it as well.......very hmmmmmm indeed. I'm not sure yet if I'm gonna go as my own Naruto created character or as Itachi since I've been given a suggestion to look like him. I don't mind really cuz he is one of my fav characters on the show. I might go as Kabuto or Kakashi, who knows. I'm 5'7" so maybe I shouldn't
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