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Originally Posted by Fujiiro-chan
I graduated from Thornlea S.S.

Having been at school for 2 weeks, I feel I should warn those who plan on applying to Ryerson and don't know how to sew (or have never used an industrial sewing machine) that you should take a course or something to prepare yourself. You're given 2 classes to get "acustomed" to the industrial machine and then you are expected to construct a big shirt in class according to instructions you get from watching a video the university has produced.

I see alot of people suffering in the construction class, because they expect you to know alot of things beforehand. Even if you sew alot on a domestic sewing machine, the sheer speed of the industrial machines will throw you off. (It definately gave me grief for a class... or two)

Just some friendly advice from a current first year. ^.^

Did/is anyone else here go to/is attending Ryerson? I'd love to meet some fellow cosplayers that are in the program.

this is so funny...i just searched online to see if i could find stuff about the Big Shirt because i'm just about 95% finished, and i found this LOL

i also go to Ryerson =D and it's my first year. i hate those industrial machines...>3< they just keep snapping my thread O_O But i do have a industrial Juki in my basement identical to the one in the labs =D so i've done 90% of the sewing at home since the machines at school like to destroy my shirt...
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