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It was fun, wasn't it?
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Amanda in Dark Blue
Sohryu from Yami no Matsuei!
Pulled the sides back into the loopy bun. After pulling it up, the netting showed a bit, but the crown and feathers covered it up ^___^

And if you really want to see the Amanda in "Action", here's a video of my NDK walk-on. Yaaaaaaaaaaay. You can especially see how long it is in the front...

Linda in Silver White (60)
Blind Riku from Kingdom Hearts [Deep Dive]
Bangs cut in, straightened, layered slightly.

Punky in Dark Purple
Dark Mousy from D.N.Angel
The back was chopped off and the hair was... pushed... to one side. XD
Third shot is it after it's been dyed with a sharpie alcohol mix.

Punky S in Light Brown (10)
Train Heartnet from Black Cat
For now, this is the base wig. It's GORGEOUS. The fibers are so silky and pretty!!! The product image on Cosworx does it no justice -_-
First picture is the original wig, right out of the bag, second is cut and tamed a bit with the hot water treatment.

Alicia S in Burgandy (30)
Kairi from Kingdom Hearts
Right out of the bag ^_^
Note: this wig has frizzy fiber along the base of the bangs and some of the inner hair, but it's not noticable at all looking at it on the outside.

Linda XXL in Silver (60)
Alucard from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
I love this thing to death... It's a WALL of wig fiber. Thickest I've worked with! First shot is the original wig, right out of the bag.


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