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Originally posted by Vialoi Ketsueke
I have never cosplayed myself. So far, I've only crossplayed. I find it a lot more fun to dress as a male then a female, because I'm a female everyday.
Ahaha~! You and me are totally in the same boat but in vice versa...everyone is always a guy for once.....and i tell em, why? whats so fun about it, i'm a guy EVERY day..isnt that enough for you?

For this year I plan only 1 Male...and he's gay..XD i'm doin shuichi from gravitation...XD

and for the rest---
Eternal Sailor Moon-Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
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~.o maybe if i have the time...i've always wanted to do naga...XD i like skimpy things.....muwahaha...and large breasts.....o.o; and i can do the laugh...XD
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