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Here's what we have at the moment:

Bleach: Sunday at 12:00 PM Sunday at 1:00 PM
Final Fantasy: Saturday at 1:00 PM
Fullmetal Alchemist: Saturday at 3:00 PM
Gaia Online (cosplay optional): Saturday at 10:00 PM
Hellsing: Saturday at 11:00 AM
InuYasha: Sunday at 11:00 AM
J-Rock/J-Pop: Saturday at 4:00 PM
Kingdom Hearts/Kingdom Hearts II: Saturday at 2:00 PM
Naruto: Saturday at 12:00 PM
Ouran High School Host Club: Friday at 5:00 PM
Pokémon: Saturday at 10:00 AM
Youmacon Newbies' Icebreaker (cosplay optional): Friday at 6:00 PM
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