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Originally Posted by Laura Buu
Its funny to read this topic. Its about BRasil, but its written in spanish and english lol But we are getting a long quite well and thats what matters anyway.

Kabuki Ikane, probably there will be some kind of cosplay con during february! At least you will come during the carnaval, our most festive month. Anyway, I let you know if theres going to be a cosplay con or not.

May I ask with each costume you all will be cosplaying? ^^
i'm going on the last week of february, it's family vacations, so probably my entire family will raise a collective eyebrow if i told them that i'm going to a brazilian con for a day XDD i'm looking foward for the carnaval *O* i think we'll going for a day to have fun there...

anyway, if you have any con for that week I WOULD LOVE TO GO!!!
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