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Mokuba Chichiri
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I'm going to be visiting Japan over my Winter break, and I *hope* to get together a costume of Part 2 Naruto for the trip.
I'm not sure of the details yet, but once I know exactly when I'm going to be in Tokyo, and have my costume ready, I'll post here again.
Also, if at all possible, I'd like to do it in a large group (for saftey reasons) so if a lot of other people come to this thread and we all decide to get together at once, that'd be great, and I'd be able to go more easily.

Oh, by the way, who would you be cosplaying as?
(If you cosplayed as Sasori, I could put together a Deidara costume instead. Or if you have another group you'd like to do, that's fine with me)
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