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LOL If it's "fashion", then why does it have rules? I get the feeling that the same Loli's who strictly adhere to these rules, are also the one's who act very elitist (not to mention very unloli-like) and make fun of others who don't follow their rules on what this fashion should look like. It's kinda like "Follow our dogma, or be subject to ridicule!". Kinda like Joan and Melissa Rivers. I wanna know what makes these people think they're such experts.

Some of the nicest looking "Lolis" I have seen don't follow the rules, unnatural makeup and all. I love themed Lolis and Catgirl Lolis. And yes, EGL is just a costume for some people... including me *shock & awe*.

If people decide they want to dress like this everyday, then more power to 'em. Just don't expect everyone else to have the same ideals as you
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