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When are you leaving for vacation?
And when are you coming back on the 8th?
I'm going to be in Tokyo at an airport there (not sure which one) on December 26th, but it'll just be a 1 and a half hour layover, so we'd probably have to meet at the airport... which might not work out. I'm also going to be there from January 6-8th, but I'm leaving the afternoon of the 8th.
But, yeah, I'll definitely switch to a Deidara cosplay, once I find out if we can definitely meet up or not.

From the looks of it, you're gonna be on vacation most of the time I'm there. If it's possible, though, I'd like to cosplay with you. I've always loved Deidara, and to cosplay with a Sasori cosplayer would be amazing!

I hope we can work something out, I'd like to have someone to cosplay with, rather than doing it by myself.

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