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Originally Posted by Tsuyosa
With something like this... I was thinking, perhaps it might actually be better to sticky this at the top of the page? Thus making it a permanent/ official catalog for useful cosplay methods? Then dedicated the remainder of the thread to new finds and tips.

I'm glad to see a new thread borne out of the last, but perhaps would it be even more practical to simply separate the two?
One, the (stickied) tutorial thread,
and then Two... a Zelda specific cosplay thread... first post having a link to the tutorial page.
I do agree that the first page seems to be very general cosplay tutorial-centric versus actual Zelda cosplay information. I'd be all for splitting the topic, since I intended for a new Zelda cosplay thread to stay on the topic of.. well, Zelda cosplay. ^_^; The tutorial list itself is very impressive and would be great to have say, in General Cosplay Help or something.
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