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Originally Posted by Tsuyosa
(P.S.) Here is my illustrator progress. Now including Master Sword progress.
Does anyone (off the top of their heads) know of any tutorials for making CAD compatible files?
So far the only thing that comes off the top of my head is to get the image how you want it, then insert it into AutoCAD at 1:1 and go from there. You should then be able to build a line drawing from the art, presuming going over the reference lines or if you've added anything to your Illustrator file.

If you have Photoshop, I'd imagine you should be able to save the image as a PDF in Illustrator, make it a jpeg (or whatever else you want) in PS, then plop that into CAD.

Not sure what version you're running but you can go from the dropdown, use 'Insert' and pick Raster Image, then select nearly any filetype possible.
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