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Originally Posted by Tsuyosa
Thanks T-R-L, can I call you that? T-R-L? :-p

I'm running on all the latest adobe software, using Mac OS X.

Thanks for the tip about auto-cad, i figured that since my lines are already vector format it might make it easier. They are also already at 1:1
Hah! That's no problem man. Usually it's just Link, or TRL but really I've seen people throw around the name all kinds of different ways. It's cool.

Ah ok. Chances are that you may have to just see how they import into CAD. Though the vector design may help, depending on if you're connecting to a jig or CNC it may very well require some clean-up work depending on the software used. I used a very similar process for some of my designs actually and I only say this because even though the designs were very good, it still needed some correction to work with the cutting software. If instead you're just planning to plot off at an easy 1:1 to serve as a "pattern", then that's cool too! I guess that's up to you, but just letting you know the hindsights as it really depends on the application as to if you should be worried or not about the details. Heck, at the absolute worst it sounds like the benefit is a much cleaner design to build from and that's always good. Presuming one has the time, the benefit to this is that you hold the masters and thus can't blame for being too detailed for you can step down easily but it's another thing to step up! Assuming you've probably made that file ginormously huge and high-res, I see little reason as to why you (or someone else) couldn't plot it off with ease.

Sounds like you're on the right track!

By the way, this shield pack... I know I should know about it but is it that statuette pack that PL was talking about with TP or is it something else? *sighs* Something else I'm going to have to go find / buy / give blood for!
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