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Originally Posted by Enchurito
After looking at the art and playing the actual game I would definatly say that they are leather arm wraps made of a softer leather then one arm has a very hard leather bracer straped over that. The way I made my leather bracer was I took cardboard and cut it into the rough shape I wanted bent it around my arm and kep cutting it and cutting it till it was the right size and shape. I then took cow leather and cut out two copies of the cardboard shape slightly larger than I needed to. I then got the leather wet, and bent it around my arm's shape and held it there till it was formed to that shape. I then got a pvc pipe to lay it over all night for it to dry out. I then stabbed four holes in the bottom layer of the two leather layers (and only the bottom one). I then riveted on two straps to hold it to my arm that we had measured out beforehand. Then taking the top layer we slathered leather glue (esentially a version of rubber cemet we bought at the same store as the leather) on it and the bottom layer and stuck them together. I then held it that way pretty tightly for about 10 minutes till it was pretty well stuck togheter. I then drapped it back over the pipe and waited for it to dry. My friend then etched the designs on the top with a leather etching tool. Then after that was all done we applied leather stain to it and then trimmed the edges and put edge coat over them to hide the seam of the two layers.

I plan to writ e formal tutorial on how I did that but I've been kind of lazy about taking pictures of all the stuff we used.
Wow, thanks for the input! Where exactly did you find the leather and how much did it cost roughly, also was a specific type?
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