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No wai.
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Not going to be posting here on this thread much anymore. Someone seems to think I just posted here just to get attention for my Midna helmet.... I mean liking Midna as a character and maybe wanting to ask for help or showing progress or talk to other fans is just wanting attention I guess, RIGHT?
Why do I attract all the idiots?? u_u
I really don't want to bring any drama to this board like it seems the last one had. But I wanted to post something because usually when there is one person that thinks something like that there is at least a few others that might as well :/ And I really don't want anyone to think of me in a way like that...

...Have fun you Zelda fanatics~
Hopefully I'll catch some of you wonderful people at conventions :]

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NONE this year I don't think... Because my job sucks. :C


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