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"yeah, I have a tail, yes, I know it's blue!" said to my friend's father who still never shuts up about my big, blue fox tail

"fun-foam is my friiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeend!!!!" okay, long story short, I didnt have enough money to by these black cat ears so I made my own out of fun foam and we were out of Elmers glue so I used that modeling glue that has the fumes you can get high off of... the rest writes itself ^^;;;;

"it's not an obsession, it's a hobby" said to my mother who thought I was going crazy when I showed her my costume for a punblic place like Otakon "yeah, Im going out in this, just like everyone else!"
Otakon 2009
Marin Asagi - Brigadoon: Marin and Melan (9AM - 2PM)
Belle (Blue Dress) - Beauty and the Beast (2PM - 11PM)
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