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"Just...take the cookies AWAY from me! GIVE THEM TO SORA." -- I get so excited at conventions that the thought of food literally makes me sick.

People: "Are you a guy or a girl?"
Me: "...I'm a girl..." ( I was rather offended! Like it wasn't obvious by what I was wearing and what was in it! >.< )
Me: "Oh. NO! NO! I'M A MAN."
People around us: O_o
And that's how the entire Otakon rave went. xD

Male Friend: "...That guy just touched my butt..."
Me: "What, that's never happened to you before?"
Male Friend: o__o "I'm a guy."
Me: "...And...?"
"It's the police! Quick, turn off your trance music! ... Why? Well, something about it just feels illegal."
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