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Last year me and a friend went to a convention and she was all mad at me cause I was too shy to ask people if I could take a picture so as we came to the basement I saw some one with a really cool costume of a character me and my friend like so out of no where I asked"Can I take a picture of you!" and what I really meant to say was "Can I take and picture of your costumes"because both this guy and his friend had awesome costumes. They agreed anyways but I forgot to show them there picture and I was looking to see if the picture came up so it looked like I was staring at it for a long time and I made them miss the elevator so that probly made them mad but it came right after and my friend was giggle so much that she was hiding her face behind the booklet she had and I had this stupid huge smile on my face. And even worse when they left me and my friend turned the corner and started giggle and my friend was saying"thank you for finally taking a picture"and we were just acting so girly it was horrible and we realized there were people there all this time then we ran it may not sound that bad but still.
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