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But shouldn't fashion be worn for the fun of it? Yes, some fashions do have very specific guidelines and examples, but every individual has their own style. What one finds gorgeous another may consider hideous and vice-versa. The thing is, someone can pick apart your attire no matter what, even if you're dressed "accurately". Hell, someone can call you out for wearing a color they deem ugly... not that it's "inappropriate", they just don't like it. You can't please everyone.

I'm not trying to start some petty argument. I don't think anyone is jumping on Meiki, I know I didn't mean to. If she thinks I did, I apologize. I just think it's a more than a little misleading that if you follow the rules, no one will pick on you. If they want to, they will, and they'll use their own tastes instead of the obvious.
People should definitely wear whatever they think is gorgeous. If you think glol-neko-maids are adorable and have the best style, go for it! I also like some regular preppy style clothes, so I wear them too.
But people will make fun of you/think you look dumb/talk behind your back for wearing any kind of loli anyways. Wearing bloomers and a petticoat is really weird in modern times. It's just something you have to accept if you want to wear it outside of a convention or Halloween.
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