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Well obviously people are going to make fun of you at one point or another. That's something that automatically comes with dressing differently than the norm, as well as cosplaying, and life for that matter. But if you walk around in shiny stripper boots, cat ears, fishnets, a petticoat, and white face, calling it lolita, there's a good 99% chance that you will end up somewhere on the internet being ridiculed.

I follow the rules for the most part, because I don't see the fashion as a costume. I wear it on a fairly day to day basis. And I realize that most people don't, I've never even seen so much as another loli in public. But the people who take too many liberties with the fashion are frankly setting a bad example for new people invovled in the fashion. There's a certain point where it stops looking anything like the original, and people assume that's what the fashion is supposed to look like because it's labeled as such. The main reason that I made this thread in the first place was just to give a good example of what exactly is widely considered the norm for lolita fashion.

I realize that noones trying to attack me or anything, but I do feel a little alone in my side of the argument around here.
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