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Halloween Town Sora Costume/Wig and Keyblade for Sale


Hi Everyone!

Not too long ago, I had a Halloween Town Sora costume commissioned from member Chico. After repeated emails and the costume due date passing, I finally received my commission only to find the costume had been VERY poorly made even though I had paid a large sum of money for it. To say the least, it was very upsetting...There were holes in the pants, uneven finishing, and one of the pants legs was sewn 6in longer than the other! (How she managed to miss that little detail I will never know...)

Anyway, I'm hoping to find someone that would be interested in buying this costume from me, since I do believe most of the damage could be fixed by someone who knows how to use a sewing machine, or it could even be used as a template by anyone who plans on making this costume in the future. Here is link to pics of the damages, so anyone interested could determine whether it is fixable:

Also, I will gladly sell the costume in parts, since some portions of the costume can still be used, such as the wig and belt (see pics) I'm not asking for a certain price (i'll accept pretty much any offer!), though I would like to at least be offered a fair amount for the pieces that are decent.

Here are the max measurements (meaning this size and smaller will work):

Bust- 34in
Waist (smallest part)- 28in
Hips- 34 1/4 (is stretchy, so can go a little bigger)
Wrist (for jacket)- 6 1/2in

Also, I do have the Halloween Town Keyblade for sale that I bought from ebay for this costume. Unfortunately though, it was sent to me broken (it appears the seller has a history of this...sigh...this costume was never meant to be). BUT it is fixable! (see pics in gallery, it shows where the clean break is. I can even explain how to fix it for anyone that wants it) I Will sell this VERY cheap to anyone interested, since the shipping will be most of the expense anyway.

If you have any questions, feel free to pm me! I can also send you more detailed pics if you like.

Thanks for Looking! And beware of Chico! I don't want this to happen to anyone else!

P.S. I still have my Seras wig for sale! (nothing wrong with this item I swear! LOL) See this thread for more details. Thank You!

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