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*lol* Well, I can't change his race (he's white) but -I- think he's hot, for what it's worth ^_~ He's 5'11", lanky, short-ish dark hair, broad shoulders =9
He DOES sound yummy ^_^ What con(s) are you taking him to? I can contribute to the glomping, lol

But yeah, anything Bishonen...something that involves long hair and a cape would be ideal ^_^

As for neko-boys, just...eugh *shudders* that completely turns me off, but to each her own, I guess.

With his looks, comlete with Squall costume, he'll probably have to endure a glomp-fest. But if he's expecting to be glomped, it won't happen. The world's funny like that ^^

Btw...crossplay girls get fanGIRLS? And do guys really glomp girls?
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