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Oklahoma Anime Cosplay and Gaming Society

We are a group of fans and gamers coming together monthly to put on events in Oklahoma to include the following:

- All types of COSPLAY from ANIME to SCI-FI. We will hold COSPLAY contests with prizes in many categories.

- Gaming events ranging from RPGA, Warhammer Fantasy and 40k, to all forms of CCG Card games we can. These will be sanctioned and unsanctioned events just for fun.

- Dances! We will hold masquerades and COSPLAY balls and gatherings.

- Karaoke contests with prizes in many different categories.

- ANIME and SCI-FI viewings running 24 hours showcasing old and new alike.

- COSPLAY costuming and PROP panels to include free workshops.

- Gaming Demo’s to include all types of workshops associated with miniature and modeling gaming from painting to conversions.

- Picnics and outdoors activities to include organized trips to conventions and gatherings all across the United States.

Check us out at:
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