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hey, sugah
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I haven't found any of my cosplay photos stolen (yet), but I have been impersonated on the internet before; I created a MySpace account just so my handle was made unavailable to others.

Tag and/or watermark things, that's about all you can really do. if it's happening on sites like MySpace, there is often a way to get the site to remove the pictures, called saluting - you take a picture of yourself holding a sign with your name/username/email address and email it to the site as proof that it's you. MySpace has info about saluting at If you'd rather report copyright violations, see

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If you have Adobe Photoshop, I think you can actually apply an actual digital watermark to your photos -- one that can't be cropped out by an image-thief and is invisible. However, I'm not sure if programs other than Photoshop can read that watermark. They should I hope.
I will say that the watermarking feature Photoshop uses requires you to purchase an actual watermark from a comnpany, I forget which.
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