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Originally Posted by mizuhaki View Post
I do NOT recommend toothpaste. It just dries out your skin, covers your pores with mintyness ( allowing the oils to accumulate), and contains an ingredient that does not allow your skin to tan, so you'll have blotchy spots of color on your face if you go out in the sun and use it often.

I DO recommend drinking lots of water, washing your face three times a day with a noncomedogenic face wash ( I use one called Cetaphil), and moisturizing your face afterward ( Aveeno is a great brand). Avoid touching your face; you'll be surprised how much this helps. ^^

For acne scars, good brands like Biore sell scrubs to remove the dead skin left behind from your scars.
I totally agree with you don't put toothpaste on your skin that is a big no-no

I use Aveeno foam cleanser and the blemish remover afterwards and then the face lotion, the lotion and blemish stuff are kind of expensive though. 13$-18$

A good make up brand is Bare Minerals which is also expensive 25$ for one container and you have to buy it at Ulta or Sephora but it really does work. I used to use CoverGirl and Almay, they are lower end products, and although they're hypo allergenic they still have ALOT of chemicals in them. Bare Minerals has two ingredients for their face make up. I'm not meaning to bash lower end though because I still use revlon and Almay eye make up.

You can get a starter kit for 60$ it comes with everything you need to use the makeup but if you have really fair skin you have to buy seperate containers because they don't have a starter kit for us albino folk (I found that out the hard way)
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