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Originally Posted by Lomelindi88 View Post
wow this thread is so helpful, i definitely need to go check some of these products out XD

for me, i just use clearasil daily acne control (it looks like a little tube.) its a 10% benzoyl peroxide cream, so its a pretty powerful dosage. its AWESOME for treating pimples and usually only takes only about two days to work. all you have to do is smooth a little bit of it all over the area once a day (2-3 times if you're having a severe breakout.)

some side notes: since its so powerful, you should have a clean face before and after you use the cream. i like using it after a shower, but that's just me. i also find that after applying it, your skin won't hold anything very well, let alone makeup, so don't use it right before you need to go out to a party or something. also, like pretty much anything with benozyl peroxide, it WILL dry out your skin --not horribly, but you will need to put a little moisturizer over it.

btw, its definitely NOT as scary as i just made it sound. XD its really harmless, actually, and i love using it! (i don't get a lot of breakouts so i've never had to use it beyond three days in a row, but you can use it every day if you want because its supposed to prevent breakouts.)
I use that product too.
Just apply a thin layer. ^^ Yep, this one's powerful. It really dries the spot so fast.
Use a moisturizer. It must be non-comedogenics (did I spell that one right?) so as not to clog pores.
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